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Fort Knox Ghost Camp

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What is scarier than hunting for ghosts in a Fort built during the Civil War? Spending the night in one. Bring your tents and sleeping bags for an exciting evening of ghost hunting with the 207 Paranormal Ghost Trackers. Guests become part of a paranormal investigation using high–tech night vision and sensor equipment while exploring every nook and cranny of massive Fort Knox collecting hard evidence in search of the legendary ghosts rumored to inhabit the fort. Your campfire stories will never be the same! Good luck falling asleep quickly. Minimum age 18 or 12 if accompanied by an adult. Max: 30 guests and alcohol free. Questions - call 207-469-6553 or email Note: Tickets are non-refundable, in the event of rain, guests will remain under cover in the fort.

Event Date

8pm Sept 10th - 8am Sept 11th (overnight)

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