As You Like It 

performed by 

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Ten Bucks Theatre again graces the stage at Fort Knox Historic Site celebrating their 11th year by performing Shakespeare’s comedy; As You Like It. For four nights, the stage and parade field inside Fort Knox fills with blankets and camp chairs as fans fan out around the Ten Bucks Theatre performers to be fully immersed in this timeless experience. Tickets on FB or @ or on the evening of the performance “at the door”.    

Performance Address - 740 Fort Knox Road, Prospect ME 04981.  

Email or call 207-469-6553 for details

July 29 – August 1st, 6 PM: Fort Knox, Prospect

Director: Amy Roeder
Producer: Julie Arnold Lisnet
Stage Manager: Delaney McFaden

Silvius, 2nd Lord (Court): Andrew Barrett
Corin, 1st Lord (Court): Dave Barrett
Phebe: Callaghan Carter
Dennis, Amiens, 2nd Page: Holly Costar
Rosalind: Jenn Guare
Touchstone: Nick Iammetteo
Oliver, 1st Lord (Arden): Natalie Lisnet
Charles, 2nd Lord (Arden): Ron Lisnet
Audrey: Deanna Rice
Jacques: Nathan Roach
Celia: Holly Schreiber
Duke Senior: Blane Shaw
Jacques de Boys, William, Duke Frederick, 1st Page: Owen Sinclair
LeBeau: Jesse Speed
Adam, Sir Oliver Martext, Hymen: Fred Stocking
Orlando: Blake Wright

Shakespeare Under the Stars_ The taming