Ten Bucks Theatre again graces the Fort Knox Historic Site

celebrating their 20th season by performing Shakespeare’s comedy; The Taming of the Shrew.

For four nights, Shakespeare lovers surround the stage and parade field inside Fort Knox with blankets and camp chairs as fans fan out around the Ten Bucks Theatre http://www.tenbuckstheatre.org/ performers to be fully immersed in this timeless experience.

Tickets for Taming of the Shrew are available now!

Tickets must be purchased online and in advance. There will be no tickets available for sale at the venues.

Get yours at http://www.207tix.com  Cost: $15.00 per person all ages.  

Please Note: In accordance with guidelines set by the State of Maine and the Maine CDC, there will be a 50-person audience limit for each performance.

For more information on what we’re doing to protect our cast, crew and audiences during the pandemic, please see our Ten Bucks Theatre Safety Guidelines.

Performance Address - 740 Fort Knox Road, Prospect ME 04981.  

Email info@fortknoxmaine.com or call 207-469-6553 for details


CONTACT: Julie Arnold Lisnet at jalisnet58@gmail.com

207 944 - 4412



Amy Roeder


A Lady, The Widow: Sue Amero

Christopher Sly: Ron Lisnet

The Host, Servant: Jesse Speed

The Page, The Tailor, Messenger: Luke Stormann

A Player, Vincentio, Blane Shaw

The Pedant, Servant: Angelina Buzzelli

Huntsman, Servant: Katrina Dresser

Curtis, Servant: Ael Fitzgerald

Baptista: Joe Fisher

Lucentio: Robert Brangwynne

Petruchio: Nathan Roach

Gremio: Holly Schreiber

Hortensio: Jennifer Guare

Tranio: Melissa Burkart

Biondello: Rebeclyn Parker

Grumio: Tyler Costigan

Katharina: Aimee Gerow

Bianca: Natalie Lisnet


Julie Arnold Lisnet

Stage Manager:

Jennifer Snow

Fight Choreography:

Angela Bonacasa


Sophia Crockett-Current

Set Design:

Elliot Wilcox

Shakespeare Under the Stars_ The taming