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Paranormal Gathering - stories of the Paranormal told by experts around camp fires inside Fort Knox after hours!

The Paranormal Gathering at Fort Knox

Saturday, August 8th   

7pm to Midnight

The Paranormal Gathering is an after-hours extension of the Paranormal Fair where a collection of paranormal experts on cryptozoology, UFOs, psychic phenomenon and the supernatural from all across Maine meet at Fort Knox until late into the night.  Guests can bring camp chairs or or spread out beach blankets around several fire pits in the open area of the Parade Field inside the Fort.


August nights are warm but Fort Knox adds a uniquely chilling backdrop as guests gather to hear true accounts and personal paranormal experiences from those who have lived them.  Hold your friend close, sit back and listen to experts share their tales of the extraterrestrial, ghosts and Bigfoot from right here in Maine.  


COVID19 public safety precautions such as group size limitations, 6’ foot social distancing and wear of masks/face coverings are required as appropriate during this event. Event may be cancelled without prior notice.  

Cost: $20 per person (limit 50 Guests)


Phone: 207-469-6553

740 Fort Knox Road, Prospect, Maine 04981

Email: Info@FortKnoxMaine.com

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